Infomercial Talk on Blogs and Forums

Welcome to my new blog. This blog is written by an infomercial watching fanatic for other infomercial fanatics. If you’ve ever lost sleep because you were too busy watching late night infomercials or if you’ve ever thought an infomercial was better programing than most of the other things on TV, then this is the place for you!

A couple of sites I would recommend for people like us would be the Ridiculous Infomercial Review (the getrichslowlyblog has a very good post about The Ridiculous Infomercial Review) and Advertising archives at growabrain.

I love watching TV infomercials and I also love it when people write about the subject of their favorite infomercials.

On the Treadless T-Shirt blog, they asked if anyone had ever bought an infomercial product. People chimed in with everything from Jack LaLanne Power Juicer to Girls Gone Wild to Magic Bullet to the Clapper.

The blogger at The Stife Life lists some of his favorite Crazy Infomercials including Dr Ho, Rejuvenique, and Santo Gold.

You never know when infomercials might get mentioned. On a Team Marine Depot blog post about fish aquariums, infomercials get mentioned when they want to emphasize how great their deals are by using that cliche infomercial phrase, “But wait … there’s more!”

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