Extenze Infomercial: I can hardly believe they show it on TV!

Late nights on the Spike TV cable network are dominated by two infomercials: Girls Gone Wild and Extenze.

The Extenze infomercial is the funnier one. Extenze are pill that are supposed to make a man’s penis grow larger. They never say the word “penis” and they just say they sell “male enhancement” pills.

The first version of the Extenze infomercial starred porn star Ron Jeremy interviewing porn stars. (Ron Jeremy later endorsed a product called VigRX, so it’s hard to know which product he really recommends.)

I suspect that people who like porno movies would prefer the Ron Jeremy version of the Extenze infomercial.

Now there is a different version of the Extenze infomercial being broadcast. It is hosted by a model/actress named Bridgetta Tomarchio and some guy named Frank. Watch this video of the new Extenze infomercial.

The hostess Bridgetta does not give her last name on the Extenze infomercial, which prompted a lot of people to try to figure out the identity of the Extenze girl. And even speculate if the new Extenze hostess was a porn star because the older Extenze infomercial featured porn stars Kim Chambers, Scott Styles, Ruby, and Chantz Fortune.

Here’s a blog that claims the Extenze infomercial is a “total crock of shit” and “the funniest infomercial I have ever seen.”

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