Remember the Tom Vu Real Estate Infomercial?

Back in the late 1980s there was a Vietnamese real estate guru named Tom Vu who sold a real estate seminar on TV infomercials. These real estate infomercials were hilarious because Tommy Vu was shamless about showing off hall his mansions, fancy cars, and yachts. But mainly he showed off sexy babes in bikinis!

The Tigers and Cranes blog asks about male asian sex symbols and then as when was the last time you saw an Asian male selling anything, but adds the cavet that Tom Vu doesn’t count. (Wonder why?)

Here is person who is worried that he might be compared to Tom Vu, mainly because he is an Asian man who tells people techniques for making money. (But in his case in photograhy, not real estate property investment.)

Even thought the Tommy Vu get-rich-quick real estate infomercial has not aired in 15 years, he is still a well remembered guru. His name even comes up in non-real estate discussions. On a White Sox baseball message board someone recommends the Tom Vu seminar (tongue-in-cheek) to someone who asks how he can become a millionaire. On another sports website, the author writes about athletes making infomercials and cites the Tom Vu real estate infomercial as an inspiration they can use.

In a discussion about motivational speaking some one brings up Tom Vu whose rags-to-riches story was supposed to be inspirational.

Of course it’s only natural to bring up Tom Vu in discussions about real estate and property investing. Here is a discussion about using a St. Joseph statue as a way to sell a home to which someone comments that “Only Jesus Tom Vu can turn property into gold.” Here is a Mississaugua real estate agents who gives up several Tom Vu quotes.

Too many people wrongly assume that Tommy Vu went to prison. In fact Tommy Vu is a top poker player now.

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