Ahh Bra and More Infomercial Breast Products

For a while infomercials with prominent breasts seemed to be all the rage. But one thing most of these TV infomercials seemed to have in common was that that products they were selling did not have anything to do with a woman’s bustline! They simply used cleavage at a blatant way of attracting viewers and then tried to sell them something else entirely. One of the most famous of these was the Kevin Trudeau infomercial with Playbloy Playmates that sold a book about getting free money from the government.

Talk about your bait and switch!

Although women’s chests are still popular on infomercials (and elsewhere 🙂 ) many of these products actually have to do with mammaries. One of the most frequently broadcast is the infomercial for the Ahh Bra. Created by Rhonda Shear, the Ahh Bra as seen on TV is supposed to give better support than traditional bras. Of course you should look into the question does Ahh Bra work for yourself before making any purchase.

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